What is Stock Android or Pure Android?

Android is the most generally used operating system in the phone market. Many people do not know the distinction among the stock Android and Android Operating systems. During this, so many people miss the lots of benefits of using stock Android. In this post friends, will get to know about the stock Android.

pure stock android

This is also known as Pure Android or Vanilla Android. It is the most basic version of the Android operating system. It is developed and design by google. It is run over the core kernel of Android. It has not registered or changed by smartphone manufactures. Manufacturers of smartphone-only make changes to custody apps.

For example, Oppo phones run to close to the stock version of android but they reskin the operating system to meet their special features and design. On another example, Samsung Galaxy 10 and s10 that phones come with a custom OS called one UI.

As long as Android is a carrier, open-source and OEM(Original equipment manufacture) takes terrible freedom with core functionalities of the operating system. Few smartphone manufactures have released a phone with stock Android or pure. While the majority of smartphone manufactures are using a custom version of the Android operating system.

Advantage of Stock Android

A lot of Android Experts ask that pure or stock android gives the best android experience. That is only about the preference. In present also some people take benefits of using stock or pure Android.

Storage space reclaim

In your device, the carrier installed app which gives some storage space for your own use.

Good control over the device

Pure or Stock android removed the pre-installed app, which provides good control over your device and its improves device performance.

Improved Performance

The pre-installed app makes an impact on battery life and performance, specially when the app were run in the background. Google has currently tried to update Android Performance, include device performance.

Faster OS update

Soon the Google releases the updates, mostly in the pure or stock Android phone fastly receive these updates. Like security updates. The manufacture does not require to launch a new and unique version of Android for security. If people are using stock or pure Android they update more fastly for users.

Great customization

Android phone users who are used stock Android can customize their phones. One of the most important advantages of Android is a too strong capability. Especially when we compare to the iOS ecosystem.

Less Bloatware and Duplication

Manufactures of the smartphone make change over the pure Android in different way to develop their custom skins. One of the most famous examples is the associability of the manufacture of brand apps. These lots of apps are included by the bloatware google apps, that’s developed a problem. As a result, user gets lots of app duplication. For example, google give a chrome browser from the play store, while the phone manufacture also provides its internet browser to users.

Stock Android devices are available?

Friends, if you want to buy a device with pure or stock Android already installed, and which one manufactured give this option? In current years lots of smartphone makers have moved to stock Android.

Some smartphones brands that use pure Android such as:-

  • Google Pixel Smartphone.
  • HMD Pixel Smartphone.
  • Lenovo Motorola one and Razr.

Someone phones that is a part of the Android one program. The device manufacture develops these devices with google in partnership. With an agreement to not alter the OS.

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